Stream Organic Management (SOM) is proving that a dirty business can have a squeaky clean image when it comes to the environment. Ecotrust Capital lent working capital to the Surrey-based company to grow their value-added organic waste business. SOM uses organic waste, such as hog manure and other raw waste materials, to make organic soils, nursery and landscaping blends and specialty products, such as soil for green roofs.

Through its own research as well as continual testing at independent laboratories, SOM continually develops and upgrades the quality of their soil blends and have designed an innovative system that utilizes environmentally sound methods to process organic waste into value-added products.

SOM supplies their environmentally friendly products to many large developments, city projects and professional growers. Their materials adhere to municipal standards and the quidelines set out in the BC Landscape Standards 6th Edition.

The company has stringent requirements for all feedstocks used in its products. Extensive laboratory testing is done on both incoming materials as well as finished products. By relying on science, as well as experience, SOM is able to consistently manufacture and deliver quality products.