Ecotrust Canada is deeply saddened by the Joint Review Panel’s recommendation to conditionally approve the Northern Gateway pipeline project.

When I had the chance to speak before the panel last January, I voiced our objection to unsustainable models of resource development that rely on exploitation and raw materials export.

I shared with the panel our organization’s belief that Canada cannot continue to build our economy on the premise that there is no such thing as depletion; that there are limits, no matter how resilient they may seem, to what our natural ecosystems can endure before they collapse and are forever changed.

Economies cannot grow and communities cannot prosper in an environment of conflict and division where large corporations and governments attempt to impose unwanted development, especially where it conflicts with unceded, constitutionally protected Aboriginal title and rights.

It is our contention that the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline represents an outdated way of doing business.  It provides very few jobs considering the resources used.  It offers nothing in support of vibrant communities or cultures.  It would need to ignore Aboriginal title and rights in order to proceed, and it threatens or deteriorates both local and global economy.

Today’s report emboldens our commitment to demonstrate alternative models of sustainable prosperity that better balance the needs of our Canadian economy, our communities and our environment.

Brenda Kuecks