Building the Conservation Economy

British Columbia’s competitive advantage rests on social and ecological diversity unparalleled in the world. Our rich rainforests, teeming rivers and bountiful seas, combined with our well-educated workforce and unique blend of Indigenous and global cultures, differentiates us in the world.

We are driven by the triple-bottom-line, where economic opportunity improves rather than degrades social and environmental conditions. Some people call it sustainability – we call it the conservation economy. A conservation economy provides meaningful work and good livelihoods, supports vibrant communities and the recognition of Aboriginal rights and title, and conserves and restores the environment.

Ecotrust Canada builds the capacity of communities, institutions and businesses to participate in the conservation economy; raises and brokers capital to accelerate the transition to a conservation economy; and connects conservation entrepreneurs to each other, and to the marketplace. We champion the conservation economy.

In the conservation economy, returns are about more than the numbers at the bottom of a balance sheet. We gauge business success in terms of the planet, people, and profits—the triple-bottom line. At Ecotrust Canada, we believe that a capital gain needn’t be nature’s loss.