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NCIL Project Coordinator: Vertical Farming

Apply until: November 2, 2018


Project: Vertical Farming
Position: Project Coordinator
Commitment: 8 months, 35 hours/week
Start date: January 7th, 2019
End date: August 31st, 2019
Location: Prince Rupert, BC

Compensation: $20,000

*Please Note: You must be currently enrolled in a Canadian graduate studies program to apply. No exceptions, as this related to position funding. We can accept applicants from any university in Canada.

About the North Coast Innovation Lab
The North Coast Innovation Lab (NCIL) is a place-based initiative for people who are invested in the future of Prince Rupert to identify, prioritize and work together on tangible projects that build a resilient economy as a tool for community well-being.
The NCIL addresses the desire to innovate within constrained conditions by providing human capacity to advance ideas, a safe space for design and experimentation, and a supported process to develop, enrich, and evaluate projects that enhance social and economic resilience in Prince Rupert. Through this initiative, new forms of collaboration and partnership will be explored across sectors; lessons learned from the projects and partnerships will be documented and shared; ideas will be incubated into viable projects; and students will be given practical opportunities to work on initiatives that increase economic and social resilience.

Developing Vertical Ocean Farming: Project Overview
Vertical ocean farming, or marine farms, have been touted as a solution to create employment, change how we get food from the ocean, and save the seas. Growing ‘up’ instead of growing ‘out’, and finding the right mix of species that would synergistically support each other’s growth and clean the environment, would revolutionize the local food movement.

But could it work in Prince Rupert? With impacts touching on food security, cultural revitalization, local economic diversification, and ecosystem health, we are looking for someone to dive in and find out. The Coast Tsimshian people have depended on the ocean for generations, and traditional knowledge could be interwoven with local experience and western science to determine if ocean farming is possible in Prince Rupert. From figuring out the appropriate species mix, to what location would support such thing, to the tenures and hoops to jump through, to the business model – the questions are endless. If you are driven to tackle wicked complex problems, thrive on working across sectors, organizations, and knowledge areas, and can think big picture down to operational details, this is your dream job.

A project advisory committee will help guide this work.

Feasibility and Planning Coordinator
We are looking for a talented, dynamic, curious, and driven graduate student to join our team in January 2019 to explore the feasibility of vertical ocean farming in Prince Rupert. You will dive in to policy and regulations and map out the process of getting a vertical ocean farm off the ground. You will engage with local organizations, businesses, stakeholders, and First Nations on where it could be situated, what assets are available and needed, governance models, and risks to be mitigated. You will figure out the local interest and demand, and what business model could sustain such operations. You will convene local and expert knowledge on site conditions, growing requirements, and species requirements to model a successful “farm”. You will look at best practices from around the globe and apply them to Prince Rupert. You will get this notion from idea to project stage.

You will be primarily responsible for determining appropriate methodologies to achieve the goals of your work, and coordinating the project advisory committee. You’ll be guided by Coastal Shellfish Corporation on their experiences and learnings. You will also be expected to contribute to NCIL activities including facilitating workshops, producing blogs, and engaging partners. You will be supervised and receive ongoing mentorship and support from the North Coast Innovation Lab and Ecotrust Canada teams.

Activities and Deliverables

  • Build an understanding of vertical ocean farming, and identify the questions and information needed to determine if it is viable in Prince Rupert.
  • Determine the feasibility of, and options for governance and business models for, the project. Analyze these options, and work with the Project Advisory Committee and community to get input and buy in on recommended options.
  • Develop a comprehensive and detailed project plan, mapping out the steps, risks, and plans to mitigate forecasted risks.
  • Research and develop case studies, engagement materials, and data visualizations to communicate this project with a variety of audiences, from community members and businesses to investors and policy makers.

Desired Skills and Capabilities

  • You’re a strong relationship-builder, and you know how to listen actively, build on others’ ideas, grow social cohesion, and build shared ownership and accountability.
  • You are entrepreneurial-minded, and have interest and/or experience in engagement, business planning, and dreaming up projects and seeing them through to completion.
  • You are concerned about the future of the planet, and dream up creative solutions that restore ecosystem health and human well-being. You think the economy is something that should work for people, and you want to contribute your skills and talent to making that happen.
  • You use strategic partnerships and collaboration to connect and leverage resources around a vision.
  • You can work within a developing project, showing good judgement and initiative, and as part of team.
  • You are excited to experience and embrace the rural, coastal life in Prince Rupert

About Prince Rupert
Prince Rupert is a city with 12,000 inhabitants, of which nearly 50% identify as First Nations. Situated in the coastal temperate rainforest, Prince Rupert is a beautiful city with cultural, economic, and historical significance for British Columbia and Canada at large.

The people of Prince Rupert and surrounding communities have long been deeply connected to the ocean, and historically accessed the bounty of food and resources at their doorstep. Today, facing changing industries, climate, and economies, it in increasingly challenging to access healthy seafood products. In spite of this, there is a widespread desire to reimagine and revitalize ocean resources, and celebrate the historical and cultural significance of fishing and ocean culture. This has begun with Coastal Shellfish Corporation, an indigenous-led scallop aquaculture business, who have developed expertise in local operations and conditions. They are leading innovation in aquaculture and a movement in the region to transform how local assets are utilized to increase food access and the socioeconomic resiliency of Prince Rupert.

How to Apply
Please apply by completing and sending the Job Application (PDF) form along with your CV to Nathan Randall at nathan@ecotrust.ca by midnight, November 2, 2018. Identify which position(s) you are applying for in the subject of the email. Clarifying questions are welcome. We thank all applicants; however, will only be contacting those who are successful for interviews.