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We are an innovative non-profit striving to define a better kind of economy for British Columbia and the world. We welcome individuals who share that vision and are prepared to dream big with us.

Feasibility & Planning Coordinator – Developing the Local Fish and Marine Economy

Apply until: April 8, 2018

Commitment:  4 months, 35 hours/week
Start: May 7, 2018
End: August 31st, 2018
Compensation: $10,000

Note: You must be currently enrolled in a Canadian graduate studies program to apply. No exceptions, sorry, as this relates to position funding. We can accept applicants from any program/department and any university in Canada.

About the NCIL

The North Coast Innovation Lab ( NCIL) is a place-based initiative for people who are invested in the future of Prince Rupert to identify, prioritize, and work together on tangible projects that build a resilient economy as a tool for community well-being.

The NCIL addresses the desire to innovate within constrained conditions by providing human capacity to advance ideas, a safe space for design and experimentation, and a supported process to develop, enrich, and evaluate projects that enhance social and economic resilience in Prince Rupert. Through this initiative, new forms of collaboration and partnership will be explored across sectors; lessons learned from the projects and partnerships will be documented and shared; ideas will be incubated into viable projects; and students will be given practical opportunities to work on initiatives that increase economic and social resilience.

About Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert is a city with 12,000 inhabitants, of which nearly 50% identify as First Nations. Situated in the coastal temperate rainforest, Prince Rupert is a beautiful city with cultural, economic, and historical significance for British Columbia and Canada at large.

Formerly a booming regional centre for fishing and forestry, the economy is now focused on export logistics and shipping. This shift has caused instability and change for Prince Rupert residents. In the face of these changes, many residents want to reconnect with the ocean, revive the fishing industry, access local seafood, and celebrate & participate in this significant aspect of the Prince Rupert community.

Developing the Local Fish and Marine Economy: Project Overview

The people of Prince Rupert have long been deeply connected to the ocean. As a northern, coastal city, Prince Rupert was once the canning capital of British Columbia, with hundreds of fishing vessels filling the waters of the north coast. Today, struggling against globalized economies and government policies and regulations, marine food industries are a shell of their past glory, with the industry struggling to survive.

In spite of this, there is a widespread desire to reconnect and revitalize the industry, and celebrate the historical and cultural significance of fishing and ocean culture. With impacts touching on food security, cultural revitalization, local economic diversification, and community building, the North Coast Innovation Lab is exploring initiatives that build on the fish and marine resource economies as a means to increase the socioeconomic resiliency of Prince Rupert.

Feasibility & Planning Coordinator

We are looking for a talented, dynamic, curious, and driven graduate student to join our team in May 2018 to explore and incubate a community-driven project with social and economic goals. This is a four-month, paid, full-time internship opportunity under Ecotrust Canada, and will involve working with an advisory group of community organizations in Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

You will be primarily responsible for determining appropriate methodologies to achieve the goals of your work. You will also be expected to contribute to NCIL activities including facilitating workshops, producing blogs, and engaging partners. You will be supervised and receive ongoing mentorship and support from the North Coast Innovation Lab and Ecotrust Canada teams.

Activities and Deliverables

  • Research the social, economic and community-building aspects and potential impacts from several different options for increasing access and economies around fish and marine products, e.g. fish “boxes”, modeled after fruit & vegetable boxes; local fish market, community supported fisheries through pre-harvest agreements
  • Develop a cohesive, detailed project plans around fish and marine economies – including how the economy can be enhanced, who are the relevant stakeholders, how to engage the community to encourage participation and awareness, times, dates, locations, scheduling etc.
  • Work in partnership with local fishermen, the City of Prince Rupert, the Cow Bay Marina management, and other local businesses and organizations to explore the practicality and feasibility of market-related activities around fish and marine products

Desired Skills and Capabilities

  • Ability to conduct online and offline research, interviews, data collection and synthesis
  • Ability to collaborate and connect with a variety of stakeholders from different cultures, classes and perspectives
  • An understanding, or desire to learn, about the economic impacts of fishing and marine industries and products on small, remote communities
  • Interest and/or experience in community development, social enterprise, project planning/ management, and/or business development
  • A positive attitude and open mind to new and innovative community development and social innovation approaches to challenges
  • A desire to experience and embrace the rural, coastal life in Prince Rupert

How to Apply

Please apply by sending your CV and cover letter to Nathan Randall at nathan@ecotrust.ca by midnight, April 8, 2018. Identify which position(s) you are applying for in the subject of the email. Clarifying questions are welcome. All applicants will be contacted to be informed of their status with regards to this position.