Forest Stewardship Council® certification opens new markets for small businesses.

Whether for reasons of personal ethics or client demand, small businesses across British Columbia contact Ecotrust Canada when seeking Forest Stewardship Council® certification.

“We joined Ecotrust Canada’s FSC Chain of Custody group because supporting sustainable forestry is important to us. We did not expect it, but gaining FSC® certification and being able to supply our clients with FSC certified products has been a great business decision for us.”

-Laura, Cloverdale Woodworks, FSC-RA-002600-BM

FSC® CoC Group member with Ecotrust Canada since 2014

Cloverdale Woodwork’s experience is becoming a trend. We’re proud to report that our number of certified group members rise and lower annually as new businesses join and some members leave. Why are we proud of members who leave?

It is common that in short time after gaining certification, the number of new market opportunities afforded those businesses because of their FSC® certification enable their fast growth – growth and business success that moves them into the class of mid-range businesses, who can then be rolled into an independent certification. Like proud parents, we are thrilled when we see our member businesses grow wings and fly out of the nest!

We’d like to thank the following businesses for choosing Ecotrust Canada as their FSC® certification provider, and congratulate them on their growth! We thank you for your dedication and support of sustainable forestry, here in British Columbia and internationally.



FSC certification for small business

Ecotrust Canada’s FSC® Chain of Custody Group certificate enables accessible FSC® certification for businesses of 15 or fewer full time equivalent employees. Through joining a group certificate, small supply chain businesses are provided training and on boarding support, facilitation of FSC® required documentation creation, year-round support when questions or concerns arise, supported auditing processes, and access to a network of 50+ FSC® certified businesses, ranging from private forest land owners to sawmills, to cabinet makers. In addition to these perks, group certification structure enables a decrease in overall annual fees versus independent certification through a private certifying body.

Interested in gaining FSC® Chain of Custody Certification for your small business? Contact Natalie Hunter, FSC® CoC Group Manager at

Natalie Hunter
Project Manager, Traceability & FSC® Chain of Custody Certification