Pat Marchak’s Falldown (Ecotrust/ David Suzuki) is the one book today that should be mandatory reading for British Columbians. Wade Davis’ foreward totally demolishes the sustained yield system in theory and practice. Marchak, aided by Scott Aycock and Deborah Herbert, then describes the tenure system, government policies and industry development. Marchak demonstrates how liquidation forestry has affected employment, communities and future opportunity. Falldown looks at the differing options for tenure and policy and emphatically recommends a change to ecoforesty. (Bill Henderson, Vancouver Sun, Nov.20, 1999)

Ecotrust [Canada] is , perhaps, the most intelligent environmental organization in the province, and was responsible for negotiating a major land-use plan in the Kitlope Valley with West Fraser Timber a few years ago…There are a lot of good ideas in Marchak’s 180 page report…[they are] a welcome change from the usual call for increased regulation of the industry by government as the means to economic and environmental salvation. (Ken Drushka, Vancouver Sun, June 16, 1999)

Falldown is, first and foremost, an academic work. It won’t be a weapon in the battle for the heart and minds of the public, but it does convey a sense of urgency, even to a layman such as me. At the very least, Falldown should be required reading for every MLA, particularly David Zirnhelt, the forest minister, and everyone else connected, no matter how vaguely, to the harvest of trees in British Columbia. (Hubert Beyer, The Shuswap Market News, June 12, 1999)