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Certified Forest Products Market Survey

Nick Kenrick, Flickr. Licensed as Creative Commons

Photo: Camas Gardens, Victoria BC.  Nick Kenrick, Flickr. Licensed as Creative Commons.


Ecotrust Canada and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Canada have partnered to conduct a study with the goal of better understanding the factors affecting demand for FSC-certified forest products.


We are currently seeking responses for a survey that has been designed specifically for companies working in the LEED-Certified green building sector. It covers a number of topics drawing on each company’s experience sourcing certified forest products, including their level of awareness about the benefits of these products, any barriers they have experienced in sourcing them, and potential solutions to increase the ease of sourcing these products.


We are asking green building consultants, architects, engineers, developers, and builders from across British Columbia to complete this survey, in order to help us better understand the opportunities and challenges related to sourcing FSC products in local LEED projects. Ecotrust Canada will then work with FSC Canada to generate and implement solutions flowing out of this research. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and individual results will be kept anonymous. Each respondent may also request to receive a copy of aggregate survey results directly.


Thank you for your time in supporting the expansion of access to FSC-certified wood products in British Columbia. Please take the survey today, and feel free to share it with your colleagues and associates working in BC’s green building sector. The survey will close on December 16th.


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