With a loan from Ecotrust Canada Capital and Community Futures, Courtenay Classic Printers has bought a new full-colour digital offset press that will bring a needed service to the North Island.

The new press — a state-of-the-art Ryobi Press 3404E/DI — will allow the printer to lead the market in full-colour printing north of Nanaimo. Businesses in central Vancouver Island and beyond want high quality flyers, brochures, letterhead, and cards quickly and locally. The closest full-colour offset press
capable of completing a project in one pass was in Victoria. Now, the technology is in

The new press will reduce the turnaround time of each job, attract new customers with new services, increase quality control, improve labour efficiency, decrease costs, and attract new talent to the workforce. In short, it will make the printer more competitive and profitable. The loan was made by Investment Mangaer Bill Girard in our Courtenay office. Bill often works closely with many lending clients on budgeting and financial analysis.

"With the help of Bill Girard we were able to come up with a cash-flow budget to determine our realistic working capital needs," says owner Kathy McIntyre. "In our line of business, it is a useful tool for seeing how money comes in and out on a monthly basis."

For more info visit www.classicprinters.ca.

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