Some big ideas and powerful partnerships are coming out of Ecotrust Canada’s small Clayoquot office on the Tofino dock.

Laura Loucks, Clayoquot Fisheries Project Manager, is working in partnership with West Coast Aquatic on their Tsawalk initiative, an innovative multi-year project that brings together government, industry, and communities to create a well-supported vision and strategy for Vancouver Island’s West Coast marine environments.

“We are facing unprecedented changes in the marine environment,” says Laura. “The question this partnership is trying to answer is how do we protect the marine ecosystems, rebuild sustainable livelihoods on the ocean, and carefully think through the issues of adaptive capacity and socioecological resilience?”

In December 2009, Satnam Manhas was appointed General Manager of the Clayoquot Forest Communities Program. The five year partnership between the Central Region First Nations and Ecotrust Canada will support green economic development with Ahousaht, Hesquiaht, Tla-o-qui-aht, Toquaht, and Yuu-tluth-aht Nations.

“It is such a privilege to work with the Nations on what is fundamentally a re-invention of the forest sector, and a rethink of how communities steward and benefit from the forest,” says Satnam. “Over the next two years, we are deploying a suite of projects that support the five nations to become green economic and resource management leaders in the forest sector.”

Partnerships are nothing new for Ecotrust Canada’s Clayoquot team. From assisting to establish First Nations mapping departments in the 1990’s to supporting green businesses like Iisaak, Hooksum Outdoor School, Cougar Annie’s Garden, Tofino Botanical Gardens, Trilogy Fish, and the Pacific Coast Fishermen’s Conservation Company through the 2000’s, Ecotrust Canada has a long history of working with businesses and organizations to support the vision of a conservation economy in Clayoquot.

Ecotrust Canada’s Tofino office is located at 205 Grice Road, 250-725-2536.