Due to an increasing demand for their approach and their services, Ecotrust Canada has moved their Skeena regional office to a new home on 3rd Avenue West, in Prince Rupert.

(14 June 2011 – Prince Rupert, BC) The work Ecotrust Canada is doing in the Skeena to help fishermen and communities explore local solutions for sustainable fisheries is gaining momentum. So much so that they are growing their local team.

Working with First Nations and North Coast communities, as well as industry, all along the north and central coast of BC and in Haida Gwaii, “We bring people and information together to make informed decisions about fisheries and to support coastal communities, their culture, and their economies,” explains Program Manager Devlin Fernandes. “Our partners here have identified a need for the work we do, and the scope of our work has increased dramatically since we established a permanent presence in this region last year.”

Ecotrust Canada is currently working with local fishermen, communities and industry on the following initiatives:

  • Seafood traceability, using the online tracing and marketing tool, developed by Ecotrust Canada’s fisheries and knowledge systems teams;
  • Developing, implementing, and coordinating the Area A crab electronic monitoring program;
  • At-sea monitoring for North coast salmon seine and gillnet fleets;
  • Design and delivery of training programs for fisheries monitors and community monitoring programs;
  • Facilitating and providing support to community discussions on how to create sustainable fisheries;
  • And, perhaps most exciting of all, developing an interactive tool to help coastal fishing communities make informed decisions about creating more sustainable and economically stable fisheries. Called the Fisheries Diversification Model (FDM), the tool compiles and analyzes ecological, social and economic data to give North Coast fishers, communities and organizations a better idea of expected costs, revenues, risks and opportunities associated with various options for local commercial fisheries.
“We are excited to be working with our partners to support and improve fisheries in the Skeena,” says Fernandes. “We welcome everyone to our new space and look forward to being a part of growing the local and regional community.”

To find out more about the work they are doing, how to be a part of it, or seek out employment opportunities at Ecotrust Canada in Prince Rupert, visit the new office at 337 3rd Avenue West, Prince Rupert BC, office hours 9-5, Monday to Friday.

Contact information

Devlin Fernandes, Ecotrust Canada Program Manager, Skeena Region