Actually, we were nowhere to be found at Vancouver’s Sustainable Living Expo, but many companies that we’ve financed or helped to become FSC certified or more climate friendly were showing off their green sheen.

Ecotrust Canada provides a suite of services to help small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) green and grow their business. Our subsidiary capital corporation has provided financing to Comox-based Woodland Flooring, which specializes in FSC-certified wood products, Squamish-based Second Wind Timber and Victoria-based Energy Alternatives. All three companies were exhibiting at EPIC!

Along with Woodland Flooring, Longhouse Trading Company and SunPod Greenhouses also exhibited at EPIC! The three value-added wood manufacturers are members of our FSC Chain-of-Custody Group, which helps lower the cost and administrative burden for small operators that want to certify their products according to the strict standards of the Forest Stewardship Council.

In 2007, Ecotrust Canada also launched a service called Climate Smart that helps SMEs measure, reduce and offset their carbon footprints. Salt Spring Coffee, the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets, Mills Basics, Green Table Network and Woodland Flooring are all Climate Smart companies that exhibited at EPIC!