Junk economics has replaced junk science as the cause of inaction on climate change issues. Our sister-organization based in Portland, Oregon, Ecotrust (USA) — and more than 100 of the country’s leading Ph.D. economists — have had enough.

Ecotrust (USA) announced that those economists are banding together to fight back against entrenched industry and political interests. The effort (RealClimateEconomics.org) is receiving national press coverage. The country’s top environment reporter, Andrew Revkin of The New York Times, called the effort, “a new star out there in the online constellation of viewpoints.”

We courage you to take a moment and click through the buzz.

The work of the economists is well-timed due to the debate over U.S. federal stimulus funds in restoration efforts, and because of the landmark Waxman-Markey legislation on cap-and-trade policy before the U.S. Congress.

Here are some other links to news coverage of Realclimateeconomics.org