The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification program has been in the news quite a bit the last couple of weeks – including a feature released by Greenpeace showcasing two FSC® Case Studies, entitled ‘Working together to improve FSC‘, and a ‘Forestry Report’ from Business in Vancouver, entitled ‘BC’s eco-certification roadblock‘.

The Greenpeace case studies are about making sure FSC remains a credible tool to help protect forests – with Ecotrust Canada’s FSC® group certification program featuring as an example of “how FSC® certification has successfully led to a substantial improvement in forest management practices from the status quo… in places even exceeding key FSC’s Principles and Criteria, thereby maintaining the forests’ ecological and social values.”

The BIV feature, meanwhile, is about highlighting the lag in the amount of FSC®-certified forests in BC. As Orrin Quinn, Ecotrust Canada’s FSC Initiative manager reports, “We do have FSC® drivers in BC that are seeking FSC® material, but not to the extent of Ontario and Quebec.” The good news though is that “the demand for certain products is increasing in BC.”

While different in focus, both stories concur on one thing: as the “gold standard of forest certification worldwide”, FSC is worth protecting and promoting.

Of course we are happy that our own FSC® certification program features front and centre as the good in Greenpeace’s good vs bad approach to the FSC® certification story. More than that, though, we applaud British Columbian companies for achieving and maintaining certification: after all, the more people who know, and care, about FSC® certification, the better for the future of our forests.