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T’aaq-wiihak Monitor

Apply until: March 15, 2019

T’aaq-wiihak Monitor Job Posting (Tofino) – 2019

T’aaq-wiihak Fisheries Monitor (up to 8 positions)

Ecotrust Canada is seeking up to eight casual T’aaq-wiihak Fisheries Monitors for the 2019 T’aaq-wiihak Hasaamac (crab) and Hook & Line (salmon and groundfish) demonstration fisheries. Monitors will be based in Tofino and work either at-sea on crab vessels engaged in fishing activity or on the dock for Hook & Line vessels. Duties will be to monitor and document catch and offloads, and collect biological data on catch. This work is part of the larger T’aaq-wiihak Fisheries Program.

This is a casual employment opportunity which has daily scheduled and on-call landings, and at-sea deployments with short notice, so flexibility is required. Monitors could be required to work weekends and at times work days longer than 8 hours.

Ecotrust Canada will provide mandatory monitor training March 25-29 in Tofino. Successful applicants must pass the training exam, apply for a criminal records check and meet all Arms’ Length Criteria, as required for all individuals seeking Observer designation. Domestic Vessel Safety (DVS, formerly MED A1) and a valid first-aid certificate are required for at sea-observers. Ecotrust will work with successful applicants to learn the skills and materials and obtain required certifications.

Closing date for applications is March 15th, 2019.

Responsibilities include:

 Be available (on-call) at certain times during the week to accommodate landing times.
 Show up for designated shifts.
 Accurately record information on specified forms.
 Collect T’aaq-wiihak fishing logs.
 Provide all forms and fishing logs to the T’aaq-wiihak Deployment Coordinator at the end of each shift
 Communicate with and report to T’aaq-wiihak Deployment Coordinator after each shift.
 Behave professionally at all times.


 Written and verbal communication skills.
 The ability to work independently and as part of a team.
 Comfort around water, fishers, fish and boats.

A phone, driver’s license and access to a vehicle are assets for this position.

For more information, please contact Dani Francis at (250) 266-4666 or send a resume, including two references to monitoring@taaqwiihak.ca.

Fisheries are anticipated to commence April 2019 and run until November 30 for Hook & Line, and year-round for crab, but actual length of fisheries is not known and set number of work days is not guaranteed.