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Theatre Institute Project Coordinator

Apply until: November 17, 2019

North Coast Innovation Lab Job Posting 

Project: Theatre Institute Program Development

Position: Theatre Institute Project Coordinator

Commitment: 8 months, 35 hours/week

Start date: January 6th, 2020

End date: August 31st, 2020

Location: Prince Rupert, BC

Compensation: $20,000

*Please Note: You must be currently enrolled in a Canadian graduate studies program to apply, and remain so for the duration of the position. No exceptions, as this related to position funding. We accept applicants from any university in Canada.

About the North Coast Innovation Lab

The North Coast Innovation Lab (NCIL) is a place-based initiative for people who are invested in the future of Prince Rupert to identify, prioritize and work together on tangible projects that build a resilient economy as a tool for community well-being.

The NCIL addresses the desire to innovate within constrained conditions by providing human capacity to advance ideas, a safe space for design and experimentation, and a supported process to develop, enrich, and evaluate projects that enhance social and economic resilience in Prince Rupert. Through this initiative, new forms of collaboration and partnership will be explored across sectors; lessons learned from the projects and partnerships will be documented and shared; ideas will be incubated into viable projects; and students will be given practical opportunities to work on initiatives that increase economic and social resilience.

Theatre Institute Program Coordinator

The Theatre Institute Program Coordinator will plan and realize curriculum, funding and marketing plans for the pilot of an annual Theatre Institute program to be offered at Prince Rupert’s Lester Centre of the Arts (LCA). The Institute will be a three-week intensive introduction to elements of the live entertainment industry, providing participants from across northern British Columbia (with particular priority accorded to Indigenous applicants) market-ready skills in stagecraft, lighting and audio reinforcement, promotion and management.

As the Theatre Institute Project Coordinator, you will work in partnership with the Prince Rupert Performing Arts Centre Society to research, plan and deliver an innovative training program that supports and complements the theatre industry in northern British Columbia while providing its graduates with practical skills that enrich both volunteer-led and for-profit production companies in their home communities. You will apply entrepreneurial approaches to seek out and raise program funding, determine applicant criteria and recruitment strategies, and work in consultation with local and remote theatre practitioners to implement an effective training program that is designed for long-term sustainability.

You will work in conjunction with staff and board members of the Lester Centre of the Arts, the Institute’s host institution, and receive supervision and ongoing mentorship from the North Coast Innovation Lab team.

Activities and Deliverables

  • Research best practices and examples of existing stagecraft training institutes.
  • Assess local and regional capacity for instructors and participants, developing a stakeholder and partner network with particular emphasis on Indigenous communities.
  • In consultation with stakeholder network and Lester Centre team members, develop a curriculum for participants.
  • Develop a business plan for the Institute, planning for sustainability over a five-year period following the pilot program.
  • Identify funding sources (grants, corporate partnerships, foundations) to complement Institute program fees.
  • Design and implement a marketing plan to attract participants.
  • Oversee and participate in the pilot program.
  • Research, map and assess the arts and culture economy presence and impact in Prince Rupert.
  • Conduct action research and information gathering around arts and culture events; specifically, which types of events resonate and are in demand in community.
  • Engage with partners, stakeholders and community to better understand the challenges and opportunities.
  • Explore via best practice research and engagement with patrons, the pathways for a more inclusive arts and culture community, and how the Theatre Institute can be designed inclusively and respectfully.
  • Convene 2+ project specific gatherings, events or activities for stakeholders and the community at large around the theme of arts/theatre economy development, including one gathering catered to youth (such as a place-making workshop, or a career path presentation on arts and theatre.)
  • Co-facilitate and present at 2-3 community gatherings to share project updates, developments and community-based research findings, with relevant stakeholders and the community at large.

Desired Skills and Capabilities

  • You possess a systematic, entrepreneurial approach to tackling projects, with experience in initiating and implementing team-led undertakings
  • You are passionate about the performing arts and understand the potential for the arts to contribute to a community’s resilience and economic development
  • You are a relationship-builder, and you know how to listen actively across cultures and perspectives. Your empathetic character helps you recruit others to join the initiatives you lead.
  • You have experience (or interest) in various approaches to education and training
  • You are a capable, independent worker who can develop and deliver strategies and actions in the context of a clear accountability framework.
  • You are innovative, creative and open to new approaches to problem solving, evaluation, and collaboration. You’re constantly learning and applying those learnings to the next iteration of ideas and projects.
  • You can work within a developing project, showing good judgement and initiative, and as part of a greater team.
  • You understand the innovative and experiential nature of this project, and are able to adapt the project goals and outcomes based on learnings, resources, and capacity.
  • You are excited to experience and embrace the rural, coastal life in Prince Rupert!

About Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert is a city with 12,000 inhabitants, of which nearly 50 per cent identify as First Nations. Situated in the coastal temperate rainforest, Prince Rupert is a beautiful city with historical, cultural and economic significance for British Columbia and Canada at large.

Home to a vibrant community arts scene, Prince Rupert is fortunate to have the Lester Centre of the Arts (LCA), a high caliber performing arts centre – a facility unlike any other in the north. Prince Rupert is home to Harbour Theatre Society and Prince Rupert and Community Arts Council – two volunteer organizations who coordinate the many of events, activities and gatherings around music, arts and theatre.  These organizations, along with other groups, work to foster arts and culture in the Prince Rupert region. The Lester Centre of the Arts is the central hub for these arts and culture activities and is dedicated to fostering creativity within the community.

Arts, music and cultural gatherings are a significant driver for connection and place-making in community. Arts and culture have the ability to bring people together, empower audiences, affect change, shape communities and even influence economies. The Lester Centre of the Arts is well positioned to emerge as a hub for learning and training as well – not just in Prince Rupert, but for the north as a whole.  No other experiential and facility-based theatre production training programs exist is BC, and therefore, an LCA training program would be a unique draw for individuals across the north and the province to learn and gain experience.

About the Lester Centre of the Arts

The Lester Centre is the heart of arts in Prince Rupert and surrounding communities. The facility averages over 120 performances each year including the Prince Rupert community musical, BC Annual Dance Competition, and TEDx Prince Rupert. The venue is also used for rehearsals, dance classes, meetings and school district events. The facility contains a 700-seat auditorium, rehearsal room and a number of versatile meeting rooms. The Lester Centre is operated by a non-profit society for the cultural benefit of the people of the Pacific Northwest. In addition to presenting touring theatre and musical productions, the Lester Centre is actively dedicated to fostering creativity, ideas and expression. This strategic direction has resulted in unique and original local programming that builds and enhances community capacities. The Lester Centre is particularly dedicated to realizing the vision of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and is working to develop relationships that celebrate the vitality of Indigenous communities on BC’s North Coast.

How to Apply

Please apply by sending a cover letter and CV to Alexie Stephens at alexie@ecotrust.ca by Sunday November 17, 2019 at midnight. Identify which position(s) you are applying for in the subject of the email. Clarifying questions are welcome. We thank all applicants; however, will only be contacting those who are successful for interviews.