Ecotrust Canada recognizes that information democracy, the sharing of knowledge, is key to transformation and resilience. Knowledge Systems therefore play a major role in our work. Which is why we were so delighted when, in 2009, we were able to partner with the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs to co-publish the book Living Proof: The essential data-collection guide for Indigenous use-and-occupancy map surveys. The book, authored by Canadian social scientist Terry Tobias, is a landmark publication that provides detailed methodologies for conducting use and occupancy surveys.

Deemed “a major contribution to Canada” and “of enormous significance in Canada’s claim to Arctic sovereignty” at the time of its launch, the methodologies Living Proof outlines are every day proving to be of significance worldwide. In the current issue of Australian Aboriginal Studies (2011/1), the book has been reviewed by staff working for NAILSMA, the North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance, who describe the book as a “seminal work.”

Read the complete NAILSMA review here: NAILSMA book review, Living Proof.