Dear Friends. It is again that time of year when I reach out to you – our extended community of supporters, donors, partners and collaborators – to share the story of our work and to ask for your help.

Our annual appeal letter continues to serve as a vehicle through which we can report back on the successes that you have inspired and cast our eyes forward on the work that lies ahead.

Over the past 12 months we have seen some remarkable successes:

  • The Coady Institute at St. Francis Xavier University selected us as one of ten leaders in North America for citizen-led innovation
  • Charity Intelligence voted us one of their top seven charities in Canada
  • We received a Clean50 Award in recognition of our outstanding contributions in the field of sustainable development in Canada.

We are building important blueprints that are being used to shape economic change at home in BC, in other parts of the country, and around the world.

We appreciate this recognition because the work that we do is often really challenging. With boots on the ground and boats in the water, we stand at the intersection of environmental, social, and financial interests. In this arena, Ecotrust Canada “holds space” for critical discussions of change, creates new tools and approaches to balance and satisfy multi-party interests, and demonstrates in the marketplace that wealth creation can result in social and ecological improvements rather than degradation.

At Ecotrust Canada we are learning how to grow a tiny seed of an idea into a successful venture that reflects our vision for a conservation economy. We have learned how to move private capital into initiatives that create social, environmental, AND financial gains. We know that stepping into unknown territory – with all the challenges, nay-saying, and push-back that new approaches engender – is a vital beginning to the creation of something new.

This is work for today, as well as work for future generations. The imperative to find new ways to do business does not allow us to play it safe. It requires that we be daring and bold and brave, because finding the models that will work in complex times cannot be invented with pen and paper. They can only be designed through deep and purposeful engagement with stakeholders and through experimentation in real time and place. It is this explorative and visionary work that holds the promise for a new model of economic order.

Throughout the month of November we will be sharing the stories of our work and inviting you to support us in our campaign to grow the conservation economy.

In whatever way you choose to help, your contribution is greatly appreciated.

With thanks,

Brenda Kuecks