» Brian Moore Log Homes manufactures first FSC®-certified log home Ecotrust Canada
An Abbotsford company has manufactured one of the first Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified log homes in Canada.

“We’re really excited about this project because it’s our first FSC® certified log home,” says Aaron Moore, Client Services Manager at Brian Moore Log Homes. “Our distributor, Jeremiah Johnson Log Homes, has done a really good job working with their client to spec in some really great conservation elements, like an R-60 roof and high-efficiency windows.”

Brian Moore Log Homes is part of Ecotrust Canada’s FSC® Chain-of-Custody Group. The family-owned company has been in business for 30 years and sells log homes to customers in Europe, Japan, the United States, and Canada.

“We see with our clients that there’s a bigger emphasis on conservation,” says Moore. “So whether it’s making sure the space is as usable as possible or the materials that they’re using are giving them good insulating values, we want to play a supporting role in that. We decided to certify with FSC® because we felt like it was one way that we could support our clients in conserving what we’re using for our materials.”

Forest Stewardship Council® certification connects consumers to healthy forests by tracking products from forest to retail shelf. FSC® certification is recognized as the “gold standard” of forest certification, akin to LEED for green buildings or Organic for food. However, for small- to medium-sized enterprises, becoming FSC® certified can be time-consuming and costly.

“We were very excited to find Ecotrust Canada because through their program, they basically spread the costs out across numerous companies, which makes it more affordable for us,” says Moore.

FSC® certification also fits with the values of the company and its clients.

“We felt like FSC® put a bigger emphasis on community, and I think that’s important to our customers, so they know where their wood is coming from … and that everyone is participating in the process,” says Moore.

For more information about the Ecotrust Canada FSC® group, contact Natalie Hunter.

Natalie Hunter
Project Manager, Traceability