» Documenting High-Value Sockeye Salmon Habitat in the Skeena Watershed Ecotrust Canada
In 2010, the Skeena Watershed Initiative, through the Pacific Salmon Foundation, asked Ecotrust Canada to lead a project to gather together the best available information about the habitat of Skeena sockeye. We are pleased to share here the materials that were prepared.

The Skeena Watershed Initiative

The SWI is a collaborative planning process comprised of Fisheries & Oceans Canada, the Province of BC, First Nations, commercial and recreational harvest interests, watershed based conservation organizations and local governments involved in the conservation and management of Skeena salmonids and their habitat. The SWI works to support implementation of Canada’s Policy for the Conservation of Wild Pacific Salmon, including the policy’s objective to maintain the integrity of the diverse freshwater, coastal and marine habitats upon which salmon depend. The SWI website is under development.


This project sought to compile information about sockeye salmon habitat in an accessible format, in order to
  • support the implementation of the Wild Salmon Policy by providing the best available information for decision making in watershed management;
  • inform and engage decision makers and the general public about sockeye habitat;
  • build a foundation of information, maps and data organization that can be expanded upon over time.
The final products of this project include:
Electronic versions of all products can be downloaded from links above, or obtained on DVD free of charge by emailing skeena@psf.ca.
If you would like more information about the project, or have information to add to future editions of these materials, please email skeena@psf.ca.