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Electronic monitoring (EM) has been in use as a fisheries management tool for more than a decade. Onboard computers record data from video cameras and GPS sensors to give fishery managers a detailed view of harvests and prevent overfishing and illegal practices.

Most EM systems are cost-prohibitive for smaller fishing operations. Seeing the need for a more cost-effective alternative, we developed a system that can be adapted for almost any fishery, with the goal of improving communities’ ability to pursue environmentally and economically sustainable livelihoods.

Our EM system enables more affordable, effective management of fisheries large and small – collecting high quality data, supporting collaborative fisheries management, engaging fishermen in reporting fishing activity and stock status, and promoting socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable fishing communities around the world.



Multiple components form a sensor network on each boat.


Typical installation for an EM system on a vessel with gillnet gear