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The Forest Stewardship Council® certified trademark is an internationally recognized symbol of the highest standard of sustainable forestry.

The FSC® trademark is a premier market differentiator that can help you grow your business responsibly. Its use is highly regulated, and available only to businesses that have been FSC® certified. Certification is not a small task, but it has never been easier or more cost effective thanks to Ecotrust Canada’s FSC® Group Certification.

As a certified FSC® Chain of Custody Group Manager, we are authorized to certify forest industry businesses – from sawmills to wholesalers to print shops – who wish to purchase, manufacture, and sell FSC® certified materials.


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Through centralized administration and economies of scale, we are able to dramatically speed up the certification process and reduce associated costs for small- and medium-sized operators. We can help you on the road towards branding your products as FSC® certified and, ultimately, help protect our forests and all they provide for future generations.

Our FSC® certification process is unique, providing expertise in market development, training in FSC® standard requirements, ongoing support to meet these standards, networking opportunities, and facilitated annual internal audits. We also provide custom FSC® documentation development at a standard consulting rate, releasing you from the complication of developing standard required documents.

For more information on obtaining FSC® certification for your business, please contact Ecotrust Canada’s FSC® Chain of Custody group manager, Racheal Weymer.


2017 FSC Chain of Custody Fee Schedule

The range in fees reflect the complexity of the business: lower rates for simple supply chains with low risk and no controlled wood, higher rates with more supply chain complexity, increasing risk or controlled wood.

Annual Membership Fee*
Non-Profit $1,300-$1,500
Printers $1,500-$1,700
Brokers or Businesses that do not take possession of materials $1,500-$2,000
Standard Business Rate $1,700-$2,500
FSC Annual Accreditation Fee $100
Distance fee** Variable
Consulting Fee $650/day


*Fees are subject to applicable taxes and are subject to change without notice.
**Distance fee applies to businesses located 300km or more from our Vancouver office, please inquire for an estimate.
***Consulting time for onboarding businesses is generally three (3) days.

Racheal Weymer
Project Manager