» Moving Forward, 20 Years Strong Ecotrust Canada
In 2014 the world lost many good people. One of my personal favourites was actor and innovator Robin Williams – a man who always seemed able to call out the irony and humour of our human condition. His famous quote “We are only given a little spark of madness, and we mustn’t lose it” rings true for me every day as we go about our crazy work of change-making.

A little spark of madness indeed.

Like the 19 years that preceded it, 2014 was remarkable in many ways, only this year I think we finally hit our stride; entered the big leagues; figured out what we wanted to be when we grow up. The work felt different somehow – more sure, more right – like our spark of madness had finally started the fire we’ve been watching for.

  • Our electronic monitoring work in the commercial fishing sector grew to include groundfish boats in Maine and crab boats from the Quinault Nation in Washington. In both instances, partners chose our technology and methodology over others because of our mission to build economies for people and place.
  • Our traceability program, ThisFish, was chosen as the best technology to support tuna fisheries in Indonesia and differentiate Newfoundland’s crab on the global stage – not only because it is the easiest and least expensive technology on the market, but more importantly because our team is committed to building solutions under the guidance of those directly involved in the economic system at hand.
  • Our forestry team achieved the first carbon sequestration project in BC for a community forest tenure. This important work offered both a solution for funding improved forest management and a solution for the many communities walking the uncomfortable tightrope between jobs and environment.
  • Perhaps our biggest spark of operational madness this year was the decision to take on the head lease for 9400 ft² in the BC Electric Building and convene several non-profits who, like Ecotrust Canada, will benefit from real estate security, beautiful working spaces, and the opportunity for shared and therefore reduced operating costs. The Amp already feels like a very exciting new home.

Each of these gnarly challenges required just the tiniest spark of madness from the start – and proof-of-the-possible in each instance has emboldened us still more.

It is in this spirit that we are proud to present our 2014 Annual Report.


Ecotrust Canada turns 20 years old in 2015 and our little bit of madness, which has served us well thus far, shall continue to be our guide and our muse in the years to come. Thank you for the part you play in this journey.

Brenda Kuecks
Past President