» Observer-Based Fisheries Monitoring Ecotrust Canada
Ecotrust Canada is a designated provider of fisheries monitoring services in BC. In addition to our electronic monitoring (EM) program, we provide at-sea Observer training and services for both catch monitoring and biological sampling programs, and dockside monitoring programs.

Fisheries monitoring may seem like an odd pursuit for a charity, but this work has proven again and again to fit the mission of Ecotrust Canada. Not only is accurate and timely data collection an essential part of achieving environmental sustainability in the commercial industry, but working as a third party to industry and regulators allows the sharing of information regarding resource health with all users.

Through our work with fishermen in coastal communities, we’ve realized that developing locally-based fisheries monitoring programs is a prime opportunity for improving local economic sustainability.


Community Benefit

Our industry, community, and First Nations partners highlighted a need for better fisheries infrastructure in coastal communities. Our Observer programs fit into our suite of locally-led monitoring, compliance, and traceability initiatives.

Community-based Observer monitoring brings a host of benefits, including:

  • Providing employment for local residents
  • Building local fisheries expertise
  • Building local capacity to engage with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) in other monitoring, compliance, and traceability opportunities
  • Establishing a working relationship between DFO, First Nations, Industry, and local residents

To date, the majority of our Observer-based work has been in partnership with First Nations and other communities adjacent to fishing areas. These partnerships allow us to offer training programs and monitoring services throughout coastal BC, building a pool of locally-based Observers who can monitor the waters they know best.


Industry Benefit

Typical Observer monitoring programs can cost a fisherman tens of thousands of dollars each season – a real make-or-break expense for a struggling enterprise. By employing local Observers, fishermen:

  • Don’t have to pay for technicians to be flown in
  • Keep money in their own communities
  • Build local industry support
  • Keep local fisheries knowledge alive and well


At-Sea Observer Program

We are a DFO-designated At-Sea Observer Program service provider for BC’s salmon and crab fisheries. Our Observers come from the communities on whose doorsteps the fishery operates. All Observers are trained and DFO-certified.


Dockside Monitoring Program

We are also a DFO-designated Dockside Monitoring Program service provider for BC’s salmon and crab fisheries. As with our at-sea program, our dockside Observers are fully trained, DFO-certified, and hail from nearby communities.



Biosampling services may be added to any monitoring program as needed. All of our at-sea Observers are trained to collect biological samples if the monitoring program requires it.