» Vancouver Island Model Forest Ecotrust Canada
Ecotrust Canada is spearheading an effort to grow a Model Forest on Vancouver Island, extending 20 years of our organization's work in Clayoquot Sound and with other communities and businesses on the island.

With the Model Forest concept, Ecotrust Canada sees an approach that combines the social, cultural and economic needs of local communities with the long-term sustainability of large landscapes in which forests are an important feature. By design, Model Forests are voluntary, broad-based initiatives linking forestry, research, agriculture, mining, recreation, and other interests on a given landscape. As they take root, Model Forests develop governance and initiatives that align across multiple scales – from the local level through to international forest and social objectives.

Started by the Government of Canada at Rio in 1992, the International Model Forest Network has grown to over 60 sites in 23 countries. Everywhere they exist, Model Forests provide an umbrella vehicle for organizations and individuals to build social consensus around forest use, and establish a common program of activities to grow economic vitality based on a strong ecological foundation.

On Vancouver Island, the initiative invites organizations and businesses who want sustainable forests and sustainable communities for the long-term. As such, we are attracting stakeholders who want to collaborate on initiatives that will benefit the forest and people of Vancouver Island as a whole.


  • Completing a stakeholder survey identifying core issues on Vancouver Island.
  • Investigating the best ways to grow the value-add sector on Vancouver Island.
  • Analyzing the impact of regional decisions on forest and community economies, starting with lessons learned from Clayoquot Sound.
  • Assessing forest-related investment trends and opportunities on Vancouver Island.


  • Vancouver Island Economic Alliance
  • UBC Forestry
  • Iisaak Forest Resources
  • Tofino District
  • Tofino Chamber of Commerce
  • Private Forest Landowners Association
  • Canadian and International Model Forest Network