» We Invest in Community-Led Innovation Ecotrust Canada

Since 1995, we have concentrated our efforts, ideas, and resources on the areas in most need of our unique approach. Our technical and professional expertise, alongside the traditional and place-based knowledge of the partners with whom we work, allows us to innovate quickly. Our ‘blended’ proposition, offering information tools, technology, facilitation, sector expertise, and financial acumen, is well-placed to add value. We know what it takes to do our best work and where we can have the most effect.

The work we are doing is timely, innovative, impressive, and unparalleled. Our commitment to listening and collaborating is well-recognized and respected. Our programs and initiatives continue to resonate with both communities and clients. Our suite of funky, smart, accessible, and highly practical technology tools are positioned to change the game. Our team is known to be energetic, thoughtful, and creative, and our commitment to DO stuff rather than simply talk about it does not go unnoticed.

Most importantly, our work matters – it is both helpful and hopeful. At a time when small producers, small industries, and rural communities feel besieged by a model of development that advantages big box stores, global agendas, environmental degradation, urbanization, and corporate consolidation, our work offers an opportunity to explore an alternative economic future – a future that recognizes the need for economic solutions that finally will put people, communities, and the environment in the front row seats.

Brenda Kuecks
Past President