Curbing carbon usage is making more business sense these days for B.C.’s tourism industry, writes Andrew Petrozzi in the Aug. 18 edition of Business in Vancouver.

Small to medium-sized operators can have a big impact on lowering the province’s greenhouse gas emissions through the measurement, reduction and eventual offsetting of their carbon footprint.

For the freshly formed BC Partnership for Sustainable Tourism (BCPST), lowering greenhouse gases is about providing the necessary tools and support for such entrepreneurs who wanted to make a change but did not know where to start and lacked the institutional capacity to develop their own plan.

This fall, Climate Smart, a for-profit subsidiary of non-profit Ecotrust Canada, in a host partnership with the BCSPT, will offer a series of three, four-hour workshops that will teach businesses about optimizing operational and energy efficiencies. The workshop series costs $1,500, and companies can send up to two employees.

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