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In the information age, knowledge is power. Journalists, environmentalists, independent scientists, and ordinary citizens alike love what’s at the heart of a healthy democracy: the ability to scrutinize the decisions made on their behalf, and to hold governments accountable. Nowhere is this more critical than the management of Canada’s natural resources.

The importance of sustainable resource management is unquestioned; so too is the need to involve diverse interests in policy-making. Yet it’s impossible to have open, transparent, inclusive management without having access to the data on which decisions are made. In other words, governments can’t be held accountable; management can’t be improved through meaningful stakeholder involvement; and, inevitably, public confidence is lost.

Information democracy

We believe that information democracy is one of the cornerstones of a healthy economy. As such, we work to make information more broadly available, especially to those typically disenfranchised in the decision making process. From providing fisheries monitoring to supporting First Nations referral systems, our goal is always to make data more open and accessible to the people who need it most.


Information Democracy projects