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FSC® Certification

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is a globally recognized eco-certification system for forests and forest products, with over 181 million hectares of forestland in 81 countries certified under its forest management standards.

Using a voluntary, market-based system, FSC® provides forest managers with objective, performance-based standards encompassing environmental, social and economic values, against which they are reviewed by third party auditors.

FSC® is also able to track products from the forest floor to retail shelf. Products that are responsibly harvested are then identified with the FSC® logo – considered the “gold standard” of forest certification by major environmental groups. FSC® is the only wood product certification recognized by the Green Building Council under its LEED rating system and is the preferred certification for major retailers such as Home Depot and Rona.

After careful consideration of the various certification systems available in the forest sector, Ecotrust Canada elected to endorse FSC® because it is more rigorous, more regionally specific, and more deliberate about community and Aboriginal inclusion.

Since 2000, Ecotrust Canada has held two FSC Group certificates – one for small forest managers and the other for Chain of Custody businesses. These two certificates allow us to centralize and reduce the costs and reporting requirements associated with certification, enabling more small enterprises to engage.

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