Ecotrust Canada Skeena region Open House

Meet and greet with new and old staff as we celebrate the opening of our new office and the summer season to date.

We have our Fisheries & Marine Director Tasha Sutcliffe, as well as our Executive Director Brenda Reid-Kuecks, joining us and we hope you can too.

When: 4-6pm Wednesday August 3rd, 2011
Where: 337 Third Avenue West, Prince Rupert
RSVP Email Devlin if you can join us.
Treats & refreshments will be available.

Please share this invitation and post at your office – all are welcome. If you aren’t able to make it, drop by another time to say hi and see our new space.

Here are some recent highlights and news from Ecotrust Canada and specifically the Skeena Program office in Prince Rupert:

  1. First off, we’ve moved! After over a year in the Fishermen’s Hall, our program and team have grown immensely and we needed to move into a larger space. You can now find us at 337 Third Avenue West, Prince Rupert BC, V8J 1L3. Our phone number remains the same at (250) 624-4191.
  2. Our team is growing and changing!
    • Mark Robinson, Dale Robinson, Peter Mark and Bruce Hansen join our Area A Crab Electronic Monitoring team, bringing diverse skills sets, technical expertise and passion for serving the crab fleet to our team.
    • Angela Addison joins us to support community monitoring programs, fisheries planning and our Fisheries Diversification Model, an interactive tool to help coastal fishing communities make informed decisions about creating more sustainable and economically stable fisheries.
    • Our pool of trained Observers has been busy supporting monitoring efforts in the commercial fleet (seine and gillnet openings in Areas 3 & 4), the Metlakatla Fisheries FSC Catch Monitoring and Validation Program, and the North Coast Skeena First Nations’ Stewardship Society’s Demonstration Fishery. Welcome and thanks to Myles, Jim, Lenda, Paul, Scott, Jennie, Sam (Samantha), Derek, Elaine, Tina, Erwin, and Rachael.
    • We said goodbye to Michelle Atchison at the end of June and wish to extend a huge thank you for all of her contributions to the program during her time with us. We wish her well in her adventures and pursuits.
  3. Skeena Habitat Mapping – The products are coming to your neighbourhood soon, but are also available digitally right here
  4. Our Fisheries Diversification Model is also coming to a community near you! We’re excited with the work and progress made, and look forward to sharing it this fall. If you want a sneak peak, or to share some knowledge about costs related to fishing, contact Devlin or Kerrie