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Ecotrust Canada is comprised of a team of professionals skilled in a multitude of disciplines including forestry, GIS, planning, community economic development, marine resource management, eco-certifications, governance, and micro-finance.

Devlin Fernandes

Advisor, Fisheries


Devlin joined Ecotrust Canada in December 2009, opening the Skeena office and providing a local presence in the community. She works with First Nations partners, community groups, fishermen, and regulatory agencies on fisheries issues and has developed relationships across the northwest and coastal BC. A key piece of her work has been to support the Sustainable Marine Fisheries & Communities Alliance (SMFCA) in the design and implementation of a vision and strategic plan to enable sustainability and resilience in fish stocks and fishing communities. Her work also involves leading and supporting teams to develop and implement fisheries diversification planning, research, Guardian programs, catch monitoring and biological sampling programs, an electronic monitoring program for the Area A crab fishery, and PICFI Business and Training plans – all with the goal of supporting local capacity development and community engagement.

In a broader Ecotrust Canada context, Devlin manages the Skeena office and Ecotrust Canada’s Core Programs to ensure that our programs, opportunities, and relationships support our mission and mandate.

Devlin has a Master’s degree in Forest Conservation and brings a passion for and expertise in natural resource management and analysis, community engagement, project management, and strategic planning and facilitation.


Devlin’s work includes:


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