Thrifty Foods’ customers can now trace their fish back to the sea with a click of a mouse, reports The Victoria Times Colonist.

The report goes on to explain: The Victoria-based grocery chain in partnership with Ecotrust Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation and economic development initiatives, has signed on to the website so their customers can trace that piece of wild red spring salmon to the waters the fish called home, the boat that landed it and the crew that hauled it in. “Thrifty Foods has had tracking in place for B.C. and U.S. seafood for the past six years,” said Jim Dores, president of Thrifty Foods. “The difference with is that now it is so easy for our customers to access at any time.”

So, if you’ve ever wondered where the salmon on your plate came from, Thrifty Foods – and Thisfish – may have the answer.

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