With my final week at Ecotrust Canada quickly approaching I’ve been reflecting about what I’ve learned during my practicum these past five months.

When I came to Canada in April my goals went beyond simply getting some more work experience and adding an additional international experience to my CV. My main objective was to discover if sustainable development and consulting were truly the industries in which I wanted to chart my career. At Ecotrust Canada I got the opportunity to experience both.

My consulting work for one of Ecotrust Canada’s Forest Stewardship Certification projects confirmed that I truly enjoy doing consulting work. Because of that I’m only more driven to become a green consultant. Working here has given me just that extra bit of experience, confidence and maturity to now work as a junior consultant back home in the Netherlands.

These five months were really interesting and I’m grateful that I got the opportunity to work at Ecotrust Canada and all the wonderful people I met while working here. I wish them the best with all future endeavors and the possibilities created by the new co-location office.

My hope for the future is that more and more people will realize that things need to change, on a grand scale, to conserve Earth’s splendor. Ecotrust Canada is demonstrating how listening and engaging at the local level can generate new ideas, approaches and innovations that could move that dial. Especially here in Canada where there is such breathtaking natural heritage.

Sebastiaan Zeeman hails from the Netherlands. He has been an intern with our Ecosystem Services and Forestry programs since April.