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Can Vancouver Island become a Model Forest?

Vancouver Island Model Forest

Ecotrust Canada is spearheading an effort to grow a Model Forest on Vancouver Island, extending 20 years of work in Clayoquot Sound and with other communities and businesses on the island. By design, Model Forests link forestry, research, agriculture, mining, recreation, and other interests on a given landscape. Vancouver Island is an ideal landscape to do just that.

Talking fisheries observers and monitoring in Chile

ThisFish presentation

Nice for some… jetting off to Chile for ‘work’! In all fairness, our Marine Monitoring Manager Amanda Barney took part in an energetic and inspiring gathering of professional fisheries observers, monitoring service providers, fishermen, scientists and fisheries managers from 27 countries around the world at the 7th International Fisheries Observer and Monitoring Conference. The discussions were lively, important as ever, and our work well-received.

Read Amanda's report back.

Designing fisheries for the future

What FDM does

When the Nisga’a First Nation turned to Ecotrust Canada to optimize benefits from new licenses for their commercial fishing fleet, we turned to our in-house designed and developed Fisheries Diversification Model. With this tool, our community development practitioners, data analysts and business planners developed scenarios combining regional and local community and fisheries data. Adopted by the Nisga'a Lisims Government Executive as an official guide for development of the Nisga’a Commercial Fisheries, our recommendations will inform decisions as the Commercial Fisheries Fund investment plan is implemented.

Welcome to the team

We are excited to welcome new (and returning) members to our dedicated team: Jonathan Stewart adds years of investment and relationship-building experience to our Board of Directors; Racheal Weymer makes a welcome return, this time as Fisheries and Marine Project Manager; SFU science student Galen Marisco adds fresh eyes and expertise to our Knowledge Systems team, working on building new features into ThisFish; and Darren Haines joins us to support work on social finance tools and solutions to support needs of small, community-owned/based fishing fleets.