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After six years The Amp has closed its doors

Over the past year, many people and organizations have been challenged by the new paradigm created by the pandemic. Sadly, the co-working social enterprise that Ecotrust Canada had operated since 2014 was forced to close its doors.

Based in downtown Vancouver, The Amp was established to offer a collaborative space for social purpose organizations and mission-driven social entrepreneurs. In 2019, The Amp won the Members’ Choice Award for all of Vancouver from Located in the historic BC Electric Building, this bright space offered affordable rents, and shared kitchen facilities, meeting rooms, a bike room, and a gym. There were even scheduled social events, such as a book club, creating a lively and engaged culture within the bright co-working space.

However, after COVID-19 led to a global lockdown, many of us shifted to work from home, and keeping The Amp open was no longer feasible.

“The Amp was a truly wonderful and inspirational creation of Ecotrust Canada. The Amp provided an important and rather unique co-share work space in Vancouver, contributing to building a more inclusive and engaged social impact sector in Vancouver. Personally, I will miss it — the conversations, the spirit of the place, the events, and, most importantly, the camaraderie.”
— Jacqueline Koerner, Co-Chair, Ecotrust Canada

The members of The Amp were really what made the space so special. Ecotrust Canada would like to thank the members from over the years, in particular the members who had been part of The Amp since the beginning, or for most of it. Ecotrust Canada will miss working alongside them.

To learn more about The Amp, it was featured by the Case Studies of Social Innovation and Social Finance in Canada. Read the case study here.