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25 years — join us in creating a better future

It is impossible to write a blog at the end of 2020 without acknowledging the obvious — it has been a long and difficult year. The COVID-19 pandemic, along with so many other social and environmental upheavals, have laid bare just how vulnerable and precarious our lives can be. Let’s face it, we are all ready for this to be over. But does that mean we want things to return to normal? Do we really want to slip comfortably back into a world where unprecedented social and political inequalities, paired with an unrelenting climate and biodiversity crisis, continue to escalate under the banner of “business as usual”?

At Ecotrust Canada we are working with our partners in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities to dramatically change the stakes — to move beyond the status quo — so that we can create a better future for ourselves and generations to come. We believe that the key to such a future is to have an economy that is more local and more resilient. That’s why it’s our mission to build an economy that puts safe, healthy food on your table; an economy that builds the quality, healthy homes that communities need and want; an economy that brings warmth and light to those homes with affordable and sustainable energy; an economy that creates meaningful livelihoods; and an economy that fights climate change and protects our environment.

This is what we mean when we say that it’s our mission to build an economy that provides for life.

In this year of crisis, Ecotrust Canada turned 25 years old. We didn’t find the time or resources to celebrate, but in so many ways that reflects the kind of organization we are. We don’t need a party. We need to work, and to do that, we need your support. With you, we can continue to partner with communities who are uniquely positioned to help all of Canada in creating a bold, new, resilient future. As the year of our 25th anniversary comes to a close, please join us in celebrating by donating to Ecotrust Canada.

Chuck Rumsey, CEO and President, Ecotrust Canada