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Beautiful BC, Chuck Rumsey photo, Ecotrust Ca

A letter from our CEO and President

Beautiful BC, Chuck Rumsey photo, Ecotrust Ca

Can you imagine a time in our lives when resilience has been needed more? A time of compounding crises that show no signs of relenting – fires, floods, failing supply chains, deepening social inequities, biodiversity loss, and of course, a pandemic. Despite the many hardships we see reasons for hope. We see families and communities coming together to forge a future for themselves that is more equitable, prosperous, vibrant, and sustainable.  

When we speak to our mission of building an economy that provides for life, we are talking about an economy that, first and foremost, values healthy homes, healthy communities, and a healthy environment. When we put these values at the centre of our economy, we begin to create the resilience that is needed in the world today.

We are not surprised that the energy and excitement for a better future is emanating so clearly from rural, remote, and Indigenous communities in Canada. While these communities are feeling the pain of our failing systems most acutely, this is where people and place are most deeply rooted together. That connection to place is a wellspring of traditions, new ideas, and passion for creating local solutions.  No matter where we live, we all need to take note of the power in these communities and their capacity to battle climate change, to strengthen local food security and sovereignty, to manage natural resources sustainably, to build sustainable housing systems, and to mobilize around a clean energy transition.  

Do you value healthy homes, healthy communities, and a healthy environment? Do you share the innovative spirit, passion, and resolve of our partner communities? Then please, resist the sense of despair that hangs heavy around us, and instead, join us on the hopeful journey of building an economy that provides for life.  


Chuck Rumsey, President and CEO, Ecotrust Canada

Beautiful BC, Ecotrust Canada