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Chuck Rumsey, President and CEO, Ecotrust Canada

Sharing our new Strategic Plan, a message from our President and CEO

Chuck Rumsey, President and CEO, Ecotrust Canada

The time has come for us to share with you our new five-year strategic plan. While it has taken us a little longer than expected to complete, we are particularly proud of the way in which the whole organization has been engaged in bringing this plan to life, and sometimes, that takes a little extra care and tending.

Throughout 2023, we’ve been sharing with you the importance of the plan’s central theme — proving the possible — and providing concrete examples of how we partner with communities on-the-ground, and at sea, to demonstrate how change can happen. And not just any change, but rather the kind of transformation made possible by place-based economies. These are economies that intentionally connect people to the places they call home, and which catalyze the power of people in place to provide for a healthy and resilient natural environment; sustainable and abundant energy, food, and housing; prosperous and meaningful livelihoods; and vibrant cultures and inclusive societies.

Our new five-year plan rearticulates our vision, mission, values, principles, and theory of change. We’ve made some important changes to how we express these guiding statements and the logic that underpins them. However, the substance remains deeply rooted in Ecotrust Canada’s 28 years of working experience. This plan also recommits us to our programmatic priorities of 1) Community Fisheries; 2) Climate Innovation; 3) Food Systems; 4) Indigenous Homelands; and 5) Community Energy. We believe that these five priorities will continue to form a critical foundation for building an economy that provides for life.

As important as these outward-facing programs are, none of our work can be accomplished unless we attend to the inner workings of the organization. Our new plan calls for three critical internal priorities, including 1) embedding a comprehensive Reconciliation Framework into every aspect of our work; 2) implementing a learning agenda to support a new impact evaluation framework; and 3) improving the well-being of the people who work for, and support, Ecotrust Canada.

A new strategic plan might seem like a rather delicate shield for moving through a world that is increasingly imperilled. These are, after all, just words on a page. That said, our mission and our entire approach are predicated on our belief that what is needed most is that rare combination of inspiration matched by tangible action. In that spirit, we hope our new plan stands as a beacon, bringing together those who believe in the power of people in place, and those who are already hard at work proving the possible.

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Strategic Plan cover 2023-2028

Read the full Strategic Plan here.