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NCIL: Exploring employment social enterprise (2019)

This report offers an overview of the Employment Social Enterprise Project as developed by Ecotrust Canada’s North Coast Innovation Lab and Hecate Strait Employment Development Society. This document reviews the activities undertaken by the Project Coordinator over their eight-month term including an introduction to the Employment Social Enterprise Project, program evolution, outcomes and deliverables, lessons learned, and the meaning of this work to the local community.

The North Coast Innovation Lab (NCIL) is a place-based social innovation lab managed by Ecotrust Canada. The NCIL seeks to engage in grounded partnerships and initiatives that create tangible projects to promote a resilient community and increase overall well-being in Prince Rupert.

To actualize its mission in Prince Rupert, the NCIL works to create community-based internships with partner organizations. These eight month paid internships aim to support the partner organizations to undertake innovative projects by employing post-secondary students in related fields of study to explore, learn, and provide additional capacity.

Read the full report: Exploring employment social enterprise