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NCIL: Exploring restorative ocean farming (2019)

In 2017 the North Coast Innovation Lab (NCIL) started engaging with residents in Prince Rupert to find potential to build socio-economic resilience within the community. This work uncovered challenges, barriers, strengths, and opportunities unique to the community and led to nine key areas of focus for the NCIL. One of these areas was: how could we grow the local economy for fish and marine products?

Although the marine environment and fishing are historically, culturally, and economically significant to the area, residents who were interviewed indicated that there are opportunities to rejuvenate and improve access to marine food products. People expressed a desire to celebrate and reconnect with ocean culture and local fish harvesters.

Opportunities to grow the economy for locally harvested marine products in progressive ways emerged as an apparent potential pathway toward resilience.

Read the full report: Exploring restorative ocean farming

In partnership with Coastal Shellfish Corporation.