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Alexandra Loeb,

Alexandra Loeb joined Microsoft in 1988. Her positions included Program Manager, General Manager and Corporate Vice President for the Windows Tablet PC. She has more than 15 years’ experience in product and business development, technical strategic planning, budgets and product management. As well, Alexandra has held other positions in technical firms and has been an Angel Investor in Clean Energy startups.

For over twenty years, Alexandra has served in the non-profit sector, with a strong focus on environmental and climate issues. She served as Board Chair of both Conservation Northwest and Climate Solutions, and currently chairs the City of Rossland BC’s Sustainability Commission and Energy Taskforce. She has served on numerous other non-profit boards and committees.

Alexandra has a bachelor’s in Mathematics and Computing from Emory University, in Atlanta, Georgia.  She was born and raised in the state of Georgia and currently resides in the small town of Rossland, B.C., Canada.