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Anthony Persaud, Director, Indigenous Home-Lands, Ecotrust Canada

Anthony Persaud,
Director, Indigenous Home-Lands

Anthony Persaud, Director, Indigenous Home-Lands, Ecotrust Canada

Anthony is a PhD candidate and a community development practitioner with a broad focus on the intersections between community well-being, economic ‘development’, and Indigenous territorial self-governance.

As the Lead Researcher of Ecotrust Canada’s Home-Lands initiative his action-based research seeks to understand how institutional innovations in relation to housing, natural resource management, and consultation processes enable First Nation groups to achieve their visions for economic futures.

Anthony brings to his work more than a decade of experience working directly with rural and Indigenous communities and authorities in British Columbia and internationally. He has consulted for the United Nations Environment Programme, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and various other non-governmental, non-profit, and First Nation groups.

His professional and academic work has ranged from supporting human rights efforts in Guatemala and Honduras, to the analysis of customary natural resource and community governance structures in rural Senegal, to the development of national baseline inventories of informal resource-extraction sectors in West Africa and Latin America. He approaches all of his work utilizing decolonizing, community-based participatory methods with the aim of enhancing Indigenous self-determination.