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Anthony Persaud,
Lead Researcher, Indigenous Home-Lands

Anthony is an experienced natural resource management and community development researcher and practitioner with over ten years of experience working with rural communities, policy makers and the natural resource development industry. He is fluent in Spanish and French and has worked in various countries around the world including in West Africa and Latin America. His professional and academic work has involved natural resource policy and governance, community economic development, sustainable livelihoods, environmental best-practices, and informal economies and supply chains in rural, non-renewable resource extraction-based communities.

In Canada, Anthony works on broad issues related to natural resource governance and community economic development, Indigenous-led protected areas and Tribal Parks, and cultural-ecological resilience. He is a PhD student with a passion for community-based, participatory research, and is skilled in the various methods of designing and directing such approaches to knowledge creation. Anthony is currently the lead researcher for Ecotrust Canada’s Indigenous HomeLands and Housing initiative, and also supports Indigenous Knowledge Systems with work related to First Nation referrals systems analysis. When he is not working with communities and doing research, Anthony puts his time into surfing, writing and making music.