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Chelsey Ellis,
Community Liason, Fisheries

Chelsey is a third generation commercial fisherwoman with a BSc. in Biology. She has over eight years of experience on the water through work as a biologist, an observer and a commercial fish harvester. Chelsey first joined Ecotrust Canada in 2010 when she worked with the ThisFish team to coordinate a lobster traceability program in her home port of West Point, Prince Edward Island. Since then she has worked as Ecotrust Canada’s ThisFish Pacific coordinator, electronic monitoring coordinator and is currently based out of the Skeena office as their community fisheries liaison. She has worked on the ground as a deckhand in B.C.’s spot prawn, dungeness crab, live rockfish and salmon gillnet fisheries.

She is currently working towards obtaining her Chief Mate 150GT ticket as well as moonlighting as a certified yoga teacher and professional photographer.