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Chuck Rumsey, President and CEO, Ecotrust Canada

Chuck Rumsey,
President and CEO

Chuck Rumsey, President and CEO, Ecotrust Canada

Before serving as Ecotrust Canada’s President and CEO, Chuck spent two years as Vice President of External Affairs and Development, leading the organization’s government relations, partnership engagement, and fundraising efforts. He also directed the development of Ecotrust Canada’s Forest Carbon Initiative.

Over the last two decades, Chuck has served in leadership roles with The Nature Conservancy, Tides Canada, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada. His expertise in land-use and strategic planning has also allowed for extensive work with NGO’s, industry, communities, and governments as a private consultant.

Throughout his career Chuck has worked locally, nationally, and globally on projects that promote the connection between environmental sustainability and human well-being. This work includes helping to construct and negotiate the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements in British Columbia, designing forest carbon and impact investment strategies across Canada, and engaging communities on protected areas management across a wide breadth of geographies from the Northwest Territories to sub-Saharan Africa.