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Hannah Wellings, Project Coordinator, Food Market Research, Ecotrust Canada

Hannah Wellings,
Food Market Research, Project Coordinator

Hannah Wellings, Project Coordinator, Food Market Research, Ecotrust Canada

Hannah is currently pursuing her MSc degree in Human Health and Nutritional Science at the University of Guelph. She joins Ecotrust Canada as the Food Market Research Project Coordinator, working in partnership with Gitmaxmak’ay Nisga’a Society. Drawing from her experience in nutrition academia, evidence-based health resource development for structurally marginalized populations, and lived experiences as a mixed-settler Mohawk young woman, she hopes to build relationships and address community-identified local food access and distribution needs within the local Skeena region. She hopes to help build the capacity of the local food system to be self-sustaining and reduce reliance on the larger global market.

Throughout her thesis work she felt limited by the individualistic discourse in academic analysis of health, food, and nutrition. Health is a holistic concept that should be analyzed at a macro level, dissecting the systems, policies, and power structures in place to disenfranchise select groups. Hannah is passionate about applying ecological economics to food sovereignty initiatives to help create and support sustainable, reciprocal economies outside of the colonial context. She believes that access to healthy, culturally relevant food is a basic human right that is inseparable from contemporary social issues including climate justice and violence against women, girls, and two spirit folks. Community care, climate justice, intersectional feminist analysis and compassion drive her work.