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Joseph Pallant, Director of Climate Innovation, Ecotrust Canada

Joseph Pallant,
Director of Climate Innovation

Joseph Pallant, Director of Climate Innovation, Ecotrust Canada

Joseph has been a pioneer in shaping Canada’s carbon market since 2004, building leading‐edge offset projects, contributing to the development of strong standards, and helping society understand the role of ecosystem‐based projects in halting climate change. He developed first‐of projects in forestry, fuel switching and transportation, founded CPS Carbon Project Solutions Inc., as well as Blockchain for Climate Foundation, “Putting the Paris Agreement on the Blockchain.” A 2019 “Canada’s Clean50” award winner, Joseph’s work, insight and advocacy continue to shape the growth of Canada’s low‐carbon economy.

Joseph holds an MBA degree from INSEEC, Paris, France, a post graduate diploma in Latin American Management from the McRae Institute of International Management (Capilano College) and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria. His contributions as a member of International Emissions Trading Association, and attendee at the Montreal, Copenhagen and Paris UN Climate conferences add both context and vision to his work for climate solutions.

Joseph loves to explore BC’s old‐growth forests and paddle beautiful coastal inlets with his wife and toddler. He finds the experience of living amidst the people, cultures and ideas of this fine province fosters greater insight and enthusiasm for his work.