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Kylee Smith, Researcher, Indigenous Home-Lands, Ecotrust Canada

Kylee Smith,
Housing Policy Innovations Researcher

Kylee Smith, Researcher, Indigenous Home-Lands, Ecotrust Canada

Kylee continues to be passionate about solving Indigenous and environmental issues across Canada.

Her Indigenous roots motivated her to plan Indigenous Awareness weeks within her neighbourhood in Niagara Falls. Kylee wrote grants and connected with First Nations-based organizations to inform her community. Because of her efforts, she was awarded the 2018 Director’s Award for Extraordinary Contributions.

Prior to having her work published, Kylee worked as a Pollinator researcher on a local farm in Ontario. Her work provided the ideal growing conditions of Native pollinator species and a design on increasing a farm’s yield performance. Kylee is involved in the Ontario Nature Youth Council and the Youth Circle for Mother Earth, switching to a digital contribution. She has experience in organizing community development events, conducting extensive research, and hikes in her free time.

Kylee is entering her second year at the University of British Columbia for Global Resources, specializing in Agricultural Sustainability and Land Systems. She is working with Ecotrust Canada for the 2021 Summer as a 2020 McCall MacBain Scholar.