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Surabhi Gupta,
Innovations in Housing Finance Researcher

Surabhi is a second-year student at the University of British Columbia pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy and Global Affairs. Before moving to Vancouver in 2020, she worked in the in-house legal team at a private multinational bank in India. For nearly four years, Surabhi worked on various projects centred on rural and inclusive banking. The projects focused on using emerging technologies to reduce the cost of banking for SME and rural sectors, creating affordable loans for rural sectors with specific emphasis on farmer and self-help group financing. She was the liaison with the Reserve Bank of India and National Bank for Agriculture Rural Development Bank to help launch their schemes.

As part of the Home-Lands Initiative at Ecotrust Canada, Surabhi will research to understand Indigenous housing finance and insurance innovations. Surabhi will review existing products available for First Nations in British Columbia and learn from the practices in other jurisdictions in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.