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Susanna Fuller,

Susanna has a B.Sc. from McGill University and a PhD. in biology from Dalhousie University. She has worked with the Marine Program at the Ecology Action Centre since 2006, and prior to that time was a board member and board chair of the Ecology Action Centre. Susanna has a long history of collaborative projects in marine conservation, and currently is the treasurer of the board of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition, Steering Committee member of SeaChoice, Steering Committee member of the High Seas Alliance. She works towards a triple bottom line approach in marine conservation and applies these principles outside of her professional work. Susanna served as a commissioner on a government appointed panel to explore solutions for Nova Scotia’s economy, entitled the One Nova Scotia Commission. Susanna is co-president of the board of directors of Bicycle Nova Scotia and co-chair of a community organization in Halifax, Nova Scotia called Imagine Bloomfield, which has been working for over a decade towards a multi-purpose community centre as part of redevelopment of a former school building.

Susanna grew up in rural Cape Breton, and has a strong interest in the science policy interface and drivers of social change, particularly in how communities can see opportunities and be proactive rather than reactive to environmental and economic changes.