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Supporter survey results (2022)

Earlier in 2022, we asked you to share your thoughts with us. We are grateful for the select sample of responses, and are encouraged that year over year engagement with our survey is deepening.

How could we do more to address the issue that matters most to you? 
  • Promote/build renewable energy — promote the end of fossil fuel 
  • Keep up the good work! Look into promoting and collaborating on research projects with Indigenous communities regarding the environment
  • Funding for local coastal marine restoration of culturally sensitive shorelines susceptible to climate change
  • Branch out beyond just BC to the rest of Canada, especially on projects where your existing experience can help 
  • Continue to build and foster linkages with local communities and strategies for sustainable (socially, ecologically, and economically) futures 
  • Provide volunteer opportunities 
  • I admire what you’re trying to do and what you’re getting accomplished 
Share a story about your connection to Ecotrust Canada 
  • Watching it as a funding source to see if and when it may be able to assist in my local restoration of marine shoreline in Indigenous/settler communities in the Southern Gulf Islands/Coast Salish People
  • I’m only starting to become acquainted! I came across Ecotrust Canada when my interest in fighting climate change in local communities started. When I was looking for jobs late last year, I was curious if an opportunity existed in this space. Now I continue to follow, watching to see if there’s an opportunity for me to get involved somehow
  • I supported the North Coast Innovation Lab on its developmental evaluation
  • I wish I had a better connection because your mandate is great, but I live in NS
  • I don’t have a connection other than I donate to the cause because I believe in the work you undertake
  • I’ve met wonderful Ecotrust Canada staff who have shared resources and inspired me in my work and life


When I started supporting Ecotrust Canada, you were one of the few BC based charities that actually provided solutions and not just advocacy.” 

If you have more feedback to share, please email