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Interview Reflections and Program Design (2018) - Sharing the methodology, findings and reflections in defining this place-based initiative in Prince Rupert.

As a place-based approach to generating innovative and collaborative solutions to the complex socio-economic challenges facing Prince Rupert, this report shares the insights and findings from the initial phases of community engagement and program design of the North Coast Innovation Lab (NCIL). The report contains three parts:

  • Part I provides an overview of the NCIL – what it is, its principles and objectives, its activities and timeline, and initial areas of focus
  • Part II shares what we heard from community interviews, and offers reflections on those insights as well as how the responses aligned with the priorities coming out of the city’s Redesign Rupert process
  • Part III presents the key areas of focus for the NCIL, based on learnings to date, as well as more detail on the initial areas of focus